Be it recognizing a loyal customer walking in to your outlet, or unhappy customers waiting in a long queue, or matching communication to audience near your digital signage - rapid response at the edge can transform customer experiences.

However 85-90% of walk-in information just walks-out - without being digitized and analyzed. Use of obtrusive technologies are not accepted by customers.

Converting physical activities relating to footfalls to digital events for intelligent actions is our forte. Our analytics hardware and software together can help take control of the millions of micro mutinies taking place in your enterprise. Extract insights, unobtrusively.

Acquire online analytics and action capability in high footfall offline world.

This is the time to reflex.

Convert footfalls to profiles, eyeballs and loyal customers

Specially Crafted Analytics Camera with Edge AI Software, cloud reporting and easy to consume API.

In any high footfall place, connect this camera to a PC, POS, Kiosk or Media player, add Edge AI Software and instantly acquire reflex capability.

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Our solutions can be used wherever enterprises get high footfalls, extracting deep insights about the visitors, customers and their behavior.

  • Large Format Retail
  • Brand Stores
  • Airports and Transits
  • Hotels and Restaurants
  • Museums, Resorts, Parks

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Technology companies - digital signage providers, POS terminal providers, kiosk vendors, vertical solution providers - can integrate our solutions into your existing hardware platform - instantly acquiring analytics capabilities to provide rich insights into customers, audience, visitors and add reflecx to your offerings.

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